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Senna Natural Herbal Tea (96 tea bags) - Value Pack

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Senna Natural Herbal Tea is made from Senna leaves. This tea is good for those who are would like to maintain regular bowel movements.

Net wt. 288g / 10.2 oz.

A viable short-term treatment for constipation and other symptons caused by constipation: Headache, Hot Flashes, Skin Troubles, Pimples, Low Appetite, Abdominal Distention, Abnormal Colonic Fermentation and Hemorrhoid.

Japanese native herbs, help you detoxification
  • Effectively expels body toxins, improves yellowish skin.
  • Accelerate intestinal milking speed, effictively improve constipation.
  • Endocrine regulation, healthy everyday.

How to Use

Hot Tea

Adults (not for children): Put one tea bag in 150-200mL (about one cup) of hot water; steep for about 15 minutes. Drink it before sleep.
Start by taking a small amount and adjust the amount depending on your body’s reaction.

  • Read and follow directions carefully.
    1. Do not take any laxatives when you consume this product.
    2. If you are breast-feeding, do not consume this product without consulting your physician first.
    3. Do not exceed recommended serving.
  • Before use, please consult your physician if:
    1. You are (1) taking medication, (2) pregnant, (3) allergic to any medications, or (4) have a medical condition such as abdominal pain and nausea.
    2. Stop consuming this product as soon as possible and consult your physician if you have redness or skin irritation, nausea or abdominal pain.
    3. Stop consuming this product as soon as possible and consult your physician if you develop diarrhea.
    4. Consult your physician with this document if your condition persists more than 7 days.

Preservation Methods:

Avoid storing in direct sunlight, high humidity and extreme temperatures.

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