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Since our establishment in 1977, we have always taken the Eastern medicine approach of "take positive steps to better your health and prevent disease." We believe that the best way to stay healthy is to use our products regularly. All our efforts have been devoted to sincerely providing a range of the highest quality products that hold true to these three promises.

Customer Satisfaction

At Yamamoto Kanpoh, we believe in providing our customers with high-quality products that surpass all expectations. We utilize our own precise quality control measures to produce healthy foods based on our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical technologies. To further enhance the quality of our products, we continue to refine our existing equipment and facilities to improve our manufacturing processes.

The food you consumer everyday should be delicious. We make our products milder so that everyone can enjoy them. We achieve a delicious yet delicate balance by eliminating overpowering flavors from ingredients where possible. We also provide a range of suggested methods for preparing our products, such as green barley, to maximize the health benefits. These ideas and recipes we provide help our customers better enjoy the process of maintaining their optimal health, while dispelling the myth that health foods all taste bitter or unsavory.

High Quality

To better provide quality products, we learn from our customers about their needs, and we refine our goods accordingly. We receive a lot of feedback from customers every day. All feedback is important to us. With open and honest customer feedback, we work quickly to adapt our products to meet their needs.

Ingredient Selection

We, Yamamoto Kanpoh, have set strict standards in terms of ingredient selection. Keeping each product’s characteristics in mind, we carefully select the regions from which we source ingredients, applying the same strict quality management standards (Good Manufacturing Practices [GMP]) as we do for pharmaceutical products.

Inside both our main office, laboratory and external inspection organizations, we conduct testing on agrochemical residues and component analysis. After extensive testing, we use only ingredients that meet all our safety standards. All of our products are free from the use of any artificial coloring or preservatives. We are committed to bringing out the natural flavors of our products’ ingredients.

Chief Manager, Production management section

Naoto Suzuki

Food safety is our first priority. We have continued to conduct agricultural chemical inspections on ingredients for over twenty years, and we only use materials that meet our strict standards.


All our products have been manufactured by an integrated operation in our own factories under the same exhaustive quality control system that we employ as a pharmaceutical company. We believe our integrated operation is the key to administering the entire manufacturing process. Through this integrated operation, we know precisely which ingredients are used and when. At our ISO 22000* standard certified factories, we are committed to providing safe, delicious, healthy foods.

* ISO 22000: an international standard specifies the requirements for any organization in the food chain regarding food safety management systems.

Factory Manager

Kenshi Narita

Our products are manufactured safely in an integrated operation in our own factories which are based on management standards in line with international standards for pharmaceuticals.

Quality Control

We provide our customers with health foods manufactured within our strictly controlled production process. Each batch of our product is carefully inspected visually by machine as well as by our personnel. The product is further examined to eliminate defects and contaminants. Only the products that meet our highest inspection standards are then carefully packed and shipped. We strive to improve our products with the end goal always being higher customer satisfaction.

Head of production planning

Haruhiko Ichihara

We provide only products that are guaranteed safe through our strict quality control system and product testing.